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Creative T-shirt Designs

When we design your T-shirt, we''ll do really clever stuff...


You Made me INK

Now That's a Custom T-shirt

inkSIG - Fast Delivery!

You have a tough deadline to meet -- we make your business more successful...


 24 Hr. T-shirt Order Hotline

24 Hr. T-shirt Order Hotline !

Long Life Pigmented Inks

Our Digital T-shirt operations use the latest technologies and most durable inks. Discover the variety of design and production services we offer.


Long Life Pigmented Inks 



Develop Important Niche Markets

We can Brand Your Business with Custom Apparel. Convince yourself, then convince others.

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We can Help Grow Your SMB Business with New Markets opened by word-of-mouth evangelism.



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We have the network you need. Together, we take your business to new heights. We can quickly embed InkPower DesignerTM     T-shirt customization software in your Web site. Or, we can partner with you to set up a targeted niche with a dedicated Web store.

You, too, can become an inkSIG T-shirt MogulTM

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Sell Your Own Custom T-shirts

Hands-on 24/7 Support

Our inkSIG TM  team will answer all your questions and find solutions for any issue.


24-hour Free Support

Always Available To Help

Our knowledge. Your benefit.

We aim to improve your business by delivering digitally-branded garments based on innovative technologies and clever /creative designs. Our work and our projects change the way people behave and perceive your small business.  Discover the variety of services we offer and convince yourself on the basis of the latest samples that we've done. We love building fresh, unique and usable garments to help you grow your small business.

inkSIG Custom Digital T-shirts now in Web Stores and T-shops across North America -- home of

The inkSIG ‘No Gotcha’ Guarantee™

     > No Setup Charges

     > No Minimum Quantities

     > No Art Charges

     > No Lead Times


In addition, inkSIG offers a host of Ad Specialty products and marketing services. 

  • Branded Apparel
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO Movies
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Trade Show Graphics

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We  LOVE  Our InkPeople TM

Our INKPEOPLE - TEAM consists of passionate and experienced people who LOVE what they do.  Just as a flock of birds often moves as one, our hand-picked participants THRIVE on new challenges and excel at 'outside the box' solutions... Try Us!


Join US - have fun - build BRAND equity, as a limited partner...

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